Hurricane Sandy Community Meetings

Attend our Community Meetings to learn more about filing for Hurricane Sandy claim reviews. Expert adjustors and lawyers will be on hand to discuss concerns and answer questions. The next informational meeting is on July 7th. Food and drinks will be served at all meetings. 7/7 Atlantic City, NJ Howard Johnson Hotel 829 Black Horse […]

Meeting June 16 on FEMA’s reopening of Sandy flood insurance claims – Long Beach, N.Y.

Weisbrod Matteis & Copley, including August Matteis, will be leading a discussion on FEMA’s recent reopening of flood insurance claims and explain how best to navigate the process. They will be joined by an independent appraiser who will discuss the intricacies of engineering reports and the specifics involved in gathering and submitting new reports to […]

ABC 7: FEMA purposely made Sandy Review process confusing

ABC 7 has warned against starting your FEMA claim review without first understanding the process and timelines. For homeowners who have spent years trying to fight for their money back, it may feel like a godsend that FEMA is finally reopening all flood claims. But it is critical for them to know what they are […]